No drama need apply

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The 4-year Actor Training Program provides extensive training in acting, movement, voice, and additional aspects of the craft and integrates them into learning and interpreting a wide range of dramatic repertoire. The Drama Division typically accepts 18 students per year comprised of undergraduates and graduates who will work through the four-year acting curriculum together as a group.

For more detailed information about the program, please visit the Drama Division web. You will find answers to frequently asked questions here. If you apply to this degree program and are denied admission, you can apply again. After four unsuccessful attempts across both degrees, you are no longer eligible to apply. In most cases, the Juilliard School requires no specific courses, GPAs, standardized test scores, or class rankings for entry to this program.

However, we will carefully evaluate your academic record and required essay to make sure you have the scholastic competence necessary to succeed in college-level coursework. In auditioning and interviewing potential students, the Drama faculty looks for the following qualities:. Application timeline for prescreened applicants :. An audition schedulingwhich contains a link to an online registration system, will be sent to applicants upon submission of a complete application, including application fee or fee waiver documentation.

You will schedule your own audition via the online system. Auditions have limited space, and some dates will fill to capacity. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you check your schedule carefully and register for your choice of audition date as soon as possible. You will receive notification of No drama need apply admission status admit, wait list, or deny through your application status no later than April 1.

Should you be admitted and enroll, your final official transcripts, indicating your graduation date, must be received by July 1. Your application is not considered complete until the fee has been received. The inability to pay a college application fee should never be a barrier to applying to The Juilliard School. Fee waiver requests are available for first-time college students who demonstrate ificant financial need by ing of one of the following to the application:.

Fee waiver requests are available for transfer students who demonstrate ificant financial need by ing of one of the following to the application:. Fee waiver requests will be evaluated after you have submitted a complete application. If you are requesting a fee waiver, please submit your No drama need apply including fee waiver documentation but do not pay the application fee.

Fee waiver documentation must be ed directly within the online application and submitted by the appropriate deadline. Documents must be in either. Convert your file to another format if scanning your document as a jpg. Fee waiver requests are processed on an ongoing basis. There will be an application fee payment due on your application status until either your request is approved or denied.

No drama need apply

You will receive an with the of your request as soon as it is processed. If your request for a fee waiver is denied, you will be required to pay the application fee by the deadline. Your application must be submitted online by the appropriate deadline. To begin, create your Juilliard Admissionsgather all of the required application materials, and follow the instructions to complete your application. Topic Please write about why you have chosen to become an actor and your personal artistic goals. We encourage you to write frankly and openly about your life, your connection to your art, and how you see your art connecting to the world.

Share your passion about people, politics, other art forms or anything that speaks to you. Additional Essay Requirements Additional essays are required in each of the following circumstances:. Optional Essay Should you have a personal or academic circumstance to share that you feel can provide context for a particular point on your — for example, a gap year, unusually low grades in a semester or year, etc. Transcripts are an important component of the decision process.

They help us determine if you have sufficient scholastic competence to succeed in coursework at the level for which you are applying. Official transcripts must be received by the appropriate deadline. You may view the status of transcripts at any time by logging into your application.

In your application you will be required to identify two individuals who will provide letters of recommendation. The recommendations themselves are not due until later in the application timeline. Your recommenders will receive an with a link to securely their letters to our application system.

We will only accept recommendations received through our application system. At least one of your recommendations should come from a teacher or theatre professional who has worked with you in a collaborative setting or seen your work on the stage and can address your work as an actor.

If you are a first-time college applicant or home-schooled, the requirements for the second recommendation are as follows:. First-time College Applicants One of your recommendations should come from a high school academic teacher, preferably in English, History, or other Language Arts course work. This will allow us to gain insight into your abilities in English and should acknowledge your speaking, reading, writing, and comprehension abilities.

This recommendation will give us insight into your suitability for the BFA degree program. Home-schooled Applicants One of your recommendations No drama need apply come from someone other than a parent who can address your speaking, reading, writing, and comprehension abilities. No drama need apply addition, this recommendation should address your social maturity and ability to integrate well with other students and colleagues.

You may view the status of recommendations at any time by logging into your application. An artistic must be ed as part of the online application. The should be s and must include:. There is no specific layout required for the ; however it must be ed in either a. Please do not submit program bios. The is used as a reference for faculty and the Admissions Committee. A photograph or hehot is required. The photograph does not need to be taken by a professional, nor is there any specific format for photographs. To be considered for financial aid and scholarship, you are required to submit the following items by the appropriate deadline :.

More information about our awarding policies can be found on the Financial Aid section of the website. For information about tuition, fees and expenses, please visit Student s.

No drama need apply

Prescreening Required Prescreening is required if you currently reside outside of the United States and Canada. This requirement does not depend on citizenship status or permanent address and cannot be waived. Prescreening Audition Scheduling Prescreening for actors applying to enter the program in fall will take place remotely via Zoom.

You must register for and attend one of the scheduled prescreening auditions. If you are required to prescreen, you will not be able to register for an in-person audition unless you have received favorable prescreening. Four memorized monologues two heightened text and two contemporaryeach approximately two minutes in length. In the initial audition, we will ask you to present two pieces — one heightened text and one contemporary. If we need to see additional material, we will ask you for another piece. Please be prepared to answer questions about the entire play from which your selection is chosen.

In addition to Shakespeare, heightened selections may be drawn from any writers whose text is poetic or heightened. If you are asked to sing, it is an opportunity for our faculty to find out information about your vocal range and instrument. A trained singing voice is not required for admission. Answers to frequently asked questions about monologues may be found on the Monologue FAQs. Definition You are required to show proof of English language proficiency by the application deadline if your native language is not English, regardless of citizenship. The Juilliard School defines native language as the language first spoken as and the primary language spoken at home.

Exemption You may be exempt from the requirement to provide proof of English language proficiency if you meet certain criteria. Exemptions are determined by your answers to questions on the application form. To qualify for an exemption you must:. The ability to speak, read, and understand English fluently No drama need apply an important factor in admissions decisions. You must submit one of the following test types to prove your mastery of the English language. If your score falls below the minimum scores listed here, you should carefully consider whether to continue the application and audition process.

We reserve the right No drama need apply deny an audition based on scores that fall considerably below our minimum. NOTE: Given the continuing pandemic and the need to provide applicants with as many options as possible, as of September 1, The Juilliard School accepts the tests in the table below.

No drama need apply

We do not accept GRE scores as proof of English language proficiency. The official test must be sent directly from the testing company and received by the Office of Admissions by the appropriate deadline.

Official test must be on file before a decision of admit or waitlist can be released. Essay Requirement You must submit an essay explaining your decision to transfer from your current No drama need apply, in addition to the other required essays. Questions within the Online Application As a homeschooled student, you will have to respond to the following questions within the online application :.

Transcript Requirements Regardless of format, your homeschool documentation must be received by the transcript deadline and must include:. These scores must be sent directly from the testing agency. During this global pandemic, The Juilliard School has striven to make decisions based on the values of safety and excellence. As always, we welcome applications from home-schooled students. However, we acknowledge the need to be flexible in cases where the tests are not being administered. We assure our home-schooled applicants that you will be considered on an equal basis with all other applicants.

If you cannot provide an official ACT or SAT score along with your application for Fallyou are required to provide the following by the application deadline:. Recognizing that individual circumstances may vary, we encourage you to reach out to us with specific questions about these requirements. Acceptable Equivalencies In lieu of a high school diploma, you have the option to submit the following high school equivalencies:.

If you do not have proof of high school equivalency by the appropriate deadlineyou must submit one or more of the documents listed below to demonstrate your academic preparedness. Demonstration of Academic Preparedness While submission of high school equivalency documentation satisfies Juilliard's minimum entry requirement, the following documents can be helpful in proving your ability to undertake coursework at the post-secondary level:.

Definition You are considered a former Juilliard college student if you have not been in attendance during the academic year. You must submit all required application materials, in addition to the requirements below. Essay You are required to submit an additional essay explaining your motivation for resuming your studies or applying to another major at Juilliard. You may choose to address academic, artistic, or professional goals that you believe could be accomplished by returning.

Decisions We reserve the right to review your Juilliard enrollment record to assist with admissions decisions. Online Application You must apply if you meet one of the following criteria:. Application Fee As a currently enrolled student in the College Division, you are not required to submit an application fee as long as you submit your application by the appropriate deadline. Essay You are required to submit an additional essay explaining your motivation for continuing your studies at Juilliard.

You may choose to address academic, artistic, or professional goals that you believe could be accomplished by remaining at Juilliard. Transcripts As a current student, you do not need to provide your official transcripts, as they are already on file. Prescreening Requirement Prescreening is required only if both of the following are true:.

The Juilliard School seeks to facilitate the full participation of applicants with disabilities in the audition process. The School makes reasonable accommodations or adjustments for qualified individuals with known disabilities in compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act of ADA. Juilliard will not make pre-admissions inquiries as to whether or not a student has a disability; however, applicants with documented disabilities who require reasonable accommodations in order to participate in the audition process must notify the Office No drama need apply Academic Support and Disability Services OASDS in writing by the appropriate deadline.

You will be required to submit documentation of your disability to OASDS; this information will be kept strictly confidential. You must complete the following forms in order for the school to accommodate your specific needs:. For more information and to access the forms please visit the Office of Academic Support and Disability Services. You must register for and attend one the scheduled in-person auditions. New York: First Round Callbacks. New York: Second Round Callbacks.

No drama need apply

If you are called back, you will be asked to return at p. Please note that on February 3rd and 8th, there will only be morning audition sessions and callbacks begin at approximately p.

No drama need apply

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